Enterprise Project Management

Our team of consultants can assess the processes you currently have in place, analyzing your existing project management methodologies and knowledge management processes, and showing you how effective it would be to integrate them with Microsoft Project Server and/or SharePoint Portal Server.
We can work with your existing project data, artifacts and methodologies to plan the necessary change management and determine how to best implement Project Server and/or SharePoint. All stakeholders and Project Managers are invited and encouraged to participate in this process.
We can install and configure an initial Project Server and/or SharePoint instance for your organization, and set up customizations that will be implemented during the production phase so you can clearly see the potential and power of your intended solution. We will work with your team to ensure the changes implemented result in better data both into and out of the system.
Enterprise Wide Rollout
Once defined, we install and configure the solutions in a robust configuration. We also train your team for Project Server ongoing support and maintenance. Unlike some of our competitors, our implementations include full functionality of the product, including OLAP, document and issue sharing, and full-text indexing. We are experienced working with large, medium, and small enterprises having multi-site, multi-platform environments. We offer long-term support contracts so that your team can have the guidance and encouragement to stretch to success.
On-Site Training
Our experts have the knowledge to train your Project Managers, Executives, Team Members and Administrators, thereby making this tool work best for your whole organization. We know that training is a key to a successful implementation.

Training is readily customized, and may include any or all of the following steps:
  1. Assigning Enterprise Resources
  2. Baselines
  3. Basics: Duration, Work, Actual and Remaining Work
  4. Custom Codes
  5. Defining and Modifying Tasks
  6. Defining the Project
  7. Document Management
  8. Issue Tracking
  9. Managing Multiple Projects
  10. Project Web Access
  11. Risk Tracking
  12. Status Reports
  13. Tracking Progress and Updating your Plan
  14. Viewing and Reporting on Project Status

Endowing the tools, training and support you need
Our goal at Benelec Infotech is to enhance your entire project portfolio - project management and knowledge management processes. We can customize Microsoft Project Server to show you your data: project status, project phase, etc., so that you can better control your project portfolio. We utilize both built-in and customized features of Microsoft Project Server and Microsoft SharePoint. We specialize in implementations and training which are highly effective, allowing you to witness a rapid return on investment.

We are ready to visit your locations and meet with your project managers and team leaders, and to show you an overview of the new features and enhancements our consultants provide, including:
  1. Enterprise Project Management
  2. Business Process Improvement
  3. Resource Management
  4. Change Management
  5. Knowledge Management and Document Management
  6. Status Reporting
  7. Task Sheets
  8. Documentation

Benefits of EPM Implementation
  1. Gain control of your entire projects -Focus on true enterprise value with Benelecís expertise and ensure that your EPM capabilities optimize your entire project from business case generation and approval to prioritization, selection, dependencies and tracking.
  2. Manage your resource pool -Provide your organization with resource pool availability and demand information and analytical capabilities to allow management of limited and expensive resources.
  3. Build team collaboration capabilities - Across all organizational levels, foster the necessary knowledge sharing, clear communication, team effectiveness and enhanced responsiveness through the capabilities of the EPM solution and Benelecís collaboration best practices.
  4. Optimize project management - Meet customer expectations and leverage Benelecís project management expertise to empower your organization to control project work, cost, risks, quality, scope, resources and schedule in an integrated environment.
  5. Achieve strategic alignment - Work with the pioneer of business alignment to ensure that your projects deliver the products and services that are keys to your organization. Create, select and manage your project in alignment with your business priorities.
Strategic Consulting

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