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What are Portal Services?
Portals are the presentation end of process integration and workflow automation. Customers, Partners and Employees all use portals to get access to the information they need, how and when they need it. When everyone in the office and on the road has the power of targeted, real-time information, they can collaborate and make quick decisions, enhancing productivity and leading to lucrative results.
What Does Benelec do within the area of Portal Services?
Portals come in many flavors and Benelec blends them all: from corporate intranets and extranets to comprehensive internet web portals serving as the information gateways for your customers, supply chain and information workers. Creating a winning enterprise portal can be a major challenge and we take this challenge with pride. We have developed a methodological art of bringing portals to life: from the conception of a unique idea to enhance the power of knowledge and information to a thriving intelligent information repository used for knowledge management and collaboration. Our proven methodology and a suite of tools to design, develop and deliver an enterprise portal that combines a wide variety of information and data sources includes:

Information Architecture:
The right information, if not properly structured, can be as useful as your junk mail folder. We make sure to understand your information needs so that the portal gives users access to information the way it makes sense and adds value to your business!

Taxonomy Definition and Full Text Searching:
Specialized Taxonomy makes it easy to organize and search for information. Full text indexing features allows simpler and faster search for multi-source knowledge.

Mockups & White Boarding:
With a focus on usability and user-centered design practices we keep your actual users involved in the design and development phases using layout mockups and white boarding sessions. During this exercise we pick out the best layouts to satisfy the information needs of all major audiences. This practice leads to a portal that users want to use and not something the IT department is enforcing on them.

Enterprise Image and Branding:
Our expertise in incorporating branding material into the portal will portray a consistent look and feel reflecting your corporate image to its internal and external audience.

Integration: Our strong background in integration will ensure that your portal is backed by deep integration through standards based web services and XML technologies delivering real time data summaries from your most critical backend systems.

Content Management:
A living portal has ever evolving content and we make sure you are in control of how your content evolves. We work with Microsoft Content Management Server and other CMS packages to optimize the management of both static and dynamic information.

Portal Lifecycle and Maintenance:
We highly emphasize on operational and maintenance documentation. This is due to our strong eBusiness maintenance practice and understanding of the issues in application lifecycle.
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