Advantage Benelec

Since day one, Benelec has emphasized that the customer is the center of our universe. Everything that we do, should revolve around providing the best possible services and solutions to our clients. Following are the service features & benefits to our customers:
Service Features
  1. Experienced IT Security Consultants
  2. In-depth knowledge of Security Standards
  3. Formal Analysis, Documentation & Recommendations
  4. Commitment to High-Quality Service
  5. Comprehensive Project Management
  6. Comprehensive lab for simulating customer issues
  7. Higher access to Vendor Engineering
  8. Performance Review
  9. Ability to handle Interdisciplinary Security Projects
  10. Strong local presence

Service Benefits
  1. Reliable and Effective IT Security Solutions
  2. Services delivery to customer requirements
  3. Achievable and maintaining Business Continuity
  4. Projects delivery within time and budget
  5. Strategy mapping
  6. Knowledge transfer
  7. Upgrade Cycle is broken
  8. Economy of Scale
  9. High Availability 99.8% uptime through our SLA
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