The Benelec Consulting Approach

At Benelec, we structure every engagement to address the unique tactical, strategic and operational needs of each client. At the core of our business, is our belief that to 'Get Partnered with the Client' will be of advantage to both parties.

We will seek to understand - in detail - your information management needs at the level of software and hardware infrastructure, security & data management and integration with critical business applications. Our intention is to build a sustainable relationship with you by demonstrating our core values of integrity, innovation, excellence, teamwork & relationship vs. transaction. Our value driven dynamic IT philosophy of services and technology ensures that our clients have a computing environment that maximizes their investment in information technology.

Since our inception in 1995, IT has moved steadily out of the back office and into the mainstream of business, playing a much more critical role in determining business success. As a trusted advisor, we help our clients meet the ever increasing demands placed on IT while maintaining performance, reliability, and security.

Benelec takes pride in being able to deliver an independent, flexible and cost-effective consultancy services which uses tried and tested methods aligned with best practice to ensure that the needs of our clients are met wholly.
Benelec is an independent services company and as such we will not steer our clients towards particular products or service providers. Rather we will look at all possible options in the marketplace when recommending third party solutions to ensure the right fit with our client's needs.
We understand the need to tailor our approach to suit client needs and budget. Hence we neither use nor insist on using one proprietary methodology, instead utilizing the experience of our consultants to ensure that we adopt an approach for each project or assignment which is aligned with best practice and delivers the client's objectives.
Benelec does not have the overheads like large consultancy firms, our fees are less than you might imagine. Given the significant experience of our consultants, we are also able in most cases to agree a fixed rate for the project or assignment rather than ask for an open-ended fee agreement.
Tried and Tested Methods
Over the years Benelec has provided consultancy services to numerous client organisations in both the public and private sector. The experience gained from these projects and assignments arms us with the ability to meet the needs of our clients using methods which we have used successfully on numerous occasions. These methods are flexible in their design and are aligned with the best practices and guidelines.

Our approach is based on our passion to minimize the risk at any given point of time on your project and also we can optimize the use of your IT assets. We assure the depth of resource to deal with unforeseen issues and the active endorsement of our partners. We have an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction at all levels.
Our Solution Strategy
Our solution strategy is to combine mature market-leading solutions with integrated innovative technologies, enabling us to blend our experience and hard-won knowledge with fresh thinking to ensure we overcome new challenges. We continue to maintain vendor independence which enables our customers to choose the right solution combination to fit their specific needs or requirements.

Above all, we pride ourselves on flexibility and complete delivery. Customer feedback repeatedly assures us our professionalism, quality of service, reliability and in-depth knowledge.
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