Information Security Awareness

Organizations see hardware or software solution as the only tool which eliminates the risk to the IT infrastructure. Unfortunately, this approach ignores the weakest link in the organizational security: people. Whether harvesting user information from web or using direct social engineering attacks, in today's technology criminals attack, they will use your own employees against you.

Benelec awareness programs help you to understand the threats, risks and consequences to your entire organization by increasing awareness about information security topics within your organization. Benelec delivers awareness programs that create real value from the moment they begin and continually reinforce that value by reminding your team about the real world risks they face on daily basis.
The Benelec Approach
Let's face it, buying a poster or two which displays do's & don't about IT security isn't going to get the job done. To implement a successful awareness program, you must invest in a proven interactive educational methodology. Benelec offers awareness programs that utilize a variety of mediums, pertain to every level of employee and are applicable to any regulatory requirements your organization might face. Depending on your choice of program, our unique, interactive delivery mechanisms present topics in an exciting manner that will help your employees understand & implement the best practices in the organization. This program is developed by information security and organization behaviour experts who have more than 12 years experience in the respective field.

Pl remember that Security awareness also serves as a catalyst to modify employee's behaviour and is an important component of a progressive organization culture.

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Topics Covered under Training
  1. Introduction to Information Security
  2. Network Basics
  3. Information security threats
  4. Security terms and concepts
  5. Types of threats - Virus, worms etc
  6. Network Infrastructure Security
  7. Data Confidentiality, Integrity & Availability
  8. Best Practices (Prevention Measures)
  9. Questions and Answers

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