Firewall Specialist

Training on firewall to become Firewall Specialist (Learn A to Z about firewall with hands on)
Benelec offers you course of most widely used firewalls for those who want to master network security. In this course, you gain extensive hands-on experience installing, configuring a firewall along with the best practices to safe-guard your network.

We offer training on using Multi-Vendor firewall products such as Juniper, Fortninet, WatchGuard Cisco PIX & Microsoft ISA Server.

Firewall course is designed for System Administrators, Security Managers and Network Engineers & Students. In this program we extend our experience in security arena for more than a decade in combination with practical knowledge of our expert consultants.

Course contain
  1. Introduction to Firewall
  2. Necessity and Benefits of Firewall
  3. Types of firewall
  4. Firewall deployment strategy (Architecture)
  5. Basic configuration of Firewall
  6. Firewall Policy
  7. NAT
  8. User Authentication
  9. UTM Features
  10. VPN
  11. Logs and Reports
  1. 5 days

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