Active Directory Design and Deployment Services

Is your company looking to consolidate file server resources into a logical, fault-tolerant and highly available solution?

Have you been tasked with creating a registry-based policy lockdown for your client workstations?

Is your business prepared for a catastrophe such as accidental deletion of Active Directory objects or wide spread database corruption?

Yes!!! Benelec has a proven record with expert consultants that will put you on the right track.

Benelec consultants have experience with Active Directory design including migrations, expansions, branch office deployments, validations and application integration.From upgrades involving a small number of domain controllers to a large-scale forest restructuring, our consultants have the expertise to make your endeavors a success.

Organizations can increase efficiency by utilizing Windows Server 2003/2008 and Active Directory to improve network functionality and remain operational. This requires clear development plans, functional designs and pilot tests in controlled environments. The resulting plan and documentation will serve as the roadmap to successful deployment.

Benelec’s professional consultants employ best practices to assist you in implementing configurations that improve enterprise reliability and create solutions that interface with Active Directory to meet your specifications.

Our Active Directory design begins by analyzing your business environment. We inventory your hardware, software and network infrastructure to determine how your technology is deployed. Our team meets with management to learn about your organization’s IT infrastructure and growth strategies. Benelec creates an Active Directory design, which is tested in a pilot deployment as a Proof of Concept (POC) to demonstrate its functionality. This design will meet the capacity and scalability of your organization's day-to-day performance and future potential.

Various Active Directory design and deployment challenges that our consultant team can assist you with include:
Active Directory Replication and Site Topology Design
Creation of an effective logical topology and site assignment will help you route domain controller replication and domain client queries to their destinations seamlessly. A well-designed topology can also minimize the cost of replicating data and optimize clients' ability to locate items such as Kerberos authentication services and DFS resources when performing a search.

Forest and Domain Configurations

To create your organization's forest design, Benelec will work with you to identify the directory structure best suited to your needs. The forest and domain design can be created or validated once a determination is made about how much autonomy organizational groups require managing network resources.

Domain Controller Capacity and Placement

Underestimating hardware requirements can lead to inadequate performance and response time, and can prevent users from accessing resources and quickly logging onto the network. Benelec will evaluate your overall design goals to plan the deployment of domain controllers requiring authentication services while using Active Directory to provide coverage where hardware is needed less.
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