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Public Key Infrastructure for Security Solutions
Help secure your business data by leveraging our consulting experience, product knowledge & proven services.
As access to sensitive business data reaches beyond the desktop to corporate extranets, e-mail, and wireless network authentication, many organizations are looking to increase security by deploying their own public key infrastructures (PKIs). The Benelec Public Key Infrastructure for Security Solutions service offering allows you to take advantage of your current investments in Microsoft Active Directory® and the Microsoft Windows® environment to deploy a self-managed PKI solution that will help support your security initiatives—with better integration at a reduced cost. The service offering is designed to provide your IT staff with the skills to efficiently deploy and manage a PKI that has been developed for your organization’s specific business needs.
Create a Self-Managed PKI Solution and Reduce IT Costs
PKI for Security Solutions is a comprehensive consulting engagement that uses your existing investments in Microsoft technologies to create a self-managed PKI solution that is right for your company. At the end of the engagement, your team will be fully prepared to deploy PKI–based services, such as file encryption using the encrypting file system, e-mail signing and encryption using Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions, wireless network authentication using Wi-Fi protected access or Wi-Fi protected access 2, and domain isolation with Internet protocol security. A self-managed PKI does not require fees or a separate license for each certificate that is issued or renewed, and it gives your organization complete control of the infrastructure without any dependencies on third parties.
Simplify Certificate Management
PKI for Security Solutions uses Active Directory to streamline the enrollment and renewal of certificates, which significantly reduces administrative overhead. Your IT staff will be able to perform service monitoring and backup procedures by using tools and processes that are reliable and familiar.
Take Advantage of a Full Range of Services
PKI for Security Solutions delivers the following set of consistent services, which have proven successful during our many engagements:
Design :
A self-managed PKI solution will be designed to meet the requirements identified in a Vision and Scope document, which is based on your current and future business needs.
Evaluation :
The factors that threaten the security of the solution will be evaluated, and the appropriate countermeasures will be taken.
Definition :
A detailed implementation plan and deployment schedule will be defined, and deployment checklists and scripts will be customized for your organization.
Validation :
The proposed solution will be validated in a dedicated test environment, which will be provided by your organization.
Realize a Solution You Can Count On
We are confident that our delivery capabilities and services will help you to achieve an effective PKI solution. And to help with your budgeting, we provide our PKI engagement at a fixed price.
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