Active Directory Health Check

One of the most critical and challenging aspects of today’s networked computing environments is ensuring that all network services are functioning optimally. So in order to achieve maximum ROI, it is imperative that your infrastructure be configured according to your business requirements and technical needs. To leverage the benefits of Active Directory and ensures smooth, uninterrupted client and server operation, services such as authentication name resolution and replication should be constantly available. The Benelec’s Health Check Service proactively examines your network resources to determine the health of your environment and that all resources are readily available and performing to your defined standards. Using our Health Check data, we will identify areas in need of corrective action and perform a gap analysis for implementing best practices.
Why should you perform an Active Directory Health Check Service?
A directory service is the main switchboard of a network operating system. It manages the identities and brokers the relationships between distributed resources so that they can work together. Further, a directory service is a place to store information about corporate and organizational assets such as applications, files, printers, and users. It provides a consistent method for naming, describing, locating, accessing, managing, and securing information about the resources.

Microsoft Active Directory was designed to be feature-rich, flexible, and scalable. Active Directory requires a considerable investment of time during the initial planning and design stages as well as throughout the life of the network. As the networking environment changes,it is critical to ensure that Active Directory continues to function as required.
The Active Directory Health Check
Benelec’s Active Directory Health Check Service helps verify that your Microsoft directory service is healthy, and that you have good practices in place, so your directory service is reliable and robust. It examines your current Microsoft directory service environment, detects any deficiencies or problems, and provides appropriate recommendations.

At the end of the Active Directory Health Check, Benelec will present a complete report of its findings, grading your Active Directory service on the aspects we examined during the health check. This report will point out where you are meeting your objectives and where you are deficient. It will also provide a list of recommendations to bring any deficiencies into alignment with your ultimate goals.

Please not that analysis and recommendations are based upon international guidelines, Microsoft recommendations, and Benelec’s best practices.
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