Incident Management Support Services

Benelec Infotech has a history of more than thirteen years providing high value, high impact IT services and integrated solutions to Corporate, middle market, and emerging companies throughout Pune and Maharashtra. The accumulated knowledge of these years of experience enables us to offer process driven incident management support. We can assist you in troubleshooting and resolving any type of event that causes an interruption or a reduction in the quality of Security and Infrastructure services.

Access to structured Incident Management Support can be of critical importance, especially when the severity of an incident has escalated to a point where your systems are down and service to users is completely disrupted. Additionally, expert Incident Management Support can play a critical role when attempting to resolve a complex or lingering issue, one that requires investigation and diagnosis over a long period of time.
Benelec uses a four-step process that helps ensure your incidents are resolved regardless of their severity, longevity, or complexity.

The Four-Step Incident Management Process

1. Incident Login
  1. Benelec receives phone call or e-mail requesting services or support
  2. A brief description of the incident is gathered, documented and reported to the incident coordinator (Help-Desk Coordinator)
  3. Details are gathered, such as date/time of incident report, when the problem started, what system is having the problem and a general description of the incident
  4. An Incident Record is generated
2. Planning & Scheduling
  1. The incident coordinator reviews the information contained in the Incident Record and contacts you to gather more detail
  2. The particulars, including the nature and severity of the problem, are documented within the incident record
  3. The incident coordinator determines availability of resources and assigns and contacts the appropriate technical resource
3. Service Delivery and Quality Assurance
  1. The engineer assigned to the incident begins work, providing timely updates via phone or email to the incident coordinator
  2. The incident coordinator updates you on the progress of the services being provided
  3. When the work is completed, the engineer provides a work completion update to the incident coordinator via email or phone
4. Service Closure
  1. The incident coordinator follows up with you by phone or email, verifying incident resolution and determining if your expectations have been met
  2. The incident is closed and the form is filed and maintained for incident tracking purposes.