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Packet Shaping
We provide the Packet shaping technology which uses built-in, connection-level equalizing technology to dynamically control traffic based on real-time network usage. This automated approach allows network administrators to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction without purchasing additional bandwidth or becoming quality of service (QoS) experts.

The solution is one of the most cost effective, low maintenance and able to make decisions dynamically. The technology is virtually plug n play and can be up-running in minutes. Thus it allows network administrators to build and manage extensive policies and without having to make changes to the existing network structure. This unique technology is in contrast to many other static, manually controlled bandwidth-management tools in the market today.

When the network is congested, this tool acts like a traffic cop and automatically provides priority for latency-sensitive business applications, including voice, web browsing, and email. Low-priority tasks, such as large downloads, are slowed down so the priority tasks receive all the bandwidth they need.

How the technology balances Traffic

Each connection on your network constitutes a traffic flow. Flows vary widely from short dynamic bursts, such as when searching a small website, to large persistent flows as when performing peer- to-peer files sharing.

This technology adds latency to low-priority tasks so high-priority tasks receive sufficient bandwidth. By adding latency to the acknowledgment packet, we control the traffic in the inbound and outbound directions. If the flow is still using too much bandwidth, the packet shaper increases the "penalty" and adds more latency based on the answers to these questions:

  1. How persistent is the flow?
  2. How many active flows are there?
  3. How long has the flow been active?
  4. How much total congestion is currently on the trunk?
  5. How much bandwidth is the flow using relative to the link size?
This all is done automatically, requiring no routine maintenance.

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