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Internet Security Gateway Appliance
Spam, viruses, spyware, phishing and inappropriate content can disrupt business operations and reduce productivity. Hidden in email and enabled by web connections, these rapidly evolving threats consume system and network resources to drive up support costs. In the absence of Internet gateway protection, phishing and spyware can endanger confidential information, employee privacy and compliance efforts.

Benelec provides you a world-class Gateway Appliance which is an all-in-one dynamic security platform backed by a worldwide team of security experts that perform constant threat surveillance and attack prevention. It stops threats before they can damage your network. It stops image spam by detecting malware embedded in graphics. It thwarts known and zero-day Web threats with multi-layer defense of Web Reputation and URL filtering. It blocks access to malicious Websites, preserving network resources and employee productivity.
Comprehensive Unified Threat Management Appliances
We deliver the industry's best UTM security appliances from top-notched technology vendors who incorporate the combination of strong security, reliability, and performance includes Firewall, VPN, Intrusion Prevention, Anti-Virus, Web-Filtering and Traffic Shaping- all at a compelling price point. IT administrators have granular controls to manage the network, with unprecedented visibility into network activity. The web-based user interface allows most users to be up and running in minutes. Continually updated security subscriptions boost protection in critical attack areas to block spam, spyware, web-based exploits, and blended threats for comprehensive defenses. All of this is backed by a team of certified security professionals who provide the expert guidance and support to keep your security solution in top form.
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