Content Security

We deliver integrated, proactive content security appliance for Gateways. This appliance is flexible, dynamic and easy to manage solution which can be installed in both smaller and larger enterprise environments. It provides options for deployment and installation in various modes and with a number of partner solutions. It allows for transparent inspection of web browsing activity at the gateway, with no effect on performance.

The advanced URL Filtering that prevents access to unauthorized or malicious web sites, protects your network from malware and other threats and helps ensure that users are productive during business hours.

We provide the URL filtering with a constantly updated database of over 95 million URLs, over 3 billion pages and over 60 categories by guaranteeing the industry's broadest and deepest URL filtering database. Following are the key features of the mentioned solution:
  1. Total protection from world's largest URL database -- over 95 million indexed URLs and over 3 billion pages.
  2. Constantly updated databases and categories -- 100,000 new pages added daily.
  3. Global reach that captures URLs internationally and in multiple-languages.
  4. Special child-safety identification for school and public computers.
  5. Enhanced Security by blocking spyware and phishing sites.
  6. Seamless integration with LDAP / AD
  7. Complete management through profile-based web access by users and groups.
  8. Accurate monitoring to identify web surfing patterns and fine-tune web policies.
  9. Better workplace productivity through clear, customized reports.
  10. Automatic Content Indexing algorithms to avoid human error and get the lowest false-positive rate.
It also provides gateway level application filtering by defending your network against application-level security threats such as instant messaging, P2P file sharing, adware/spyware applications, unauthorized traffic tunneling & gateway level malicious codes viz. CodeRed, Nimda & MS Blaster.
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