Our Best Practices

Benelec's team of Microsoft & Security qualified experts average longer than ten years of hands-on industry experience, at the front lines of network service, performing a broad variety of technical projects for a large mix of clients. Each Benelec consultant shares a refined set of personal best practices which are incorporated into shared best practices training that Benelec instills in its support staff. This means that you get not just expert technical capability, but also a support engineer with proven approaches for applying technical knowledge to solve real-world IT problems quickly.

Key features and benefits of Benelec's best practices include:
Individual Experts
Benelec's staff of IT consultants is composed of the most accomplished Microsoft professionals in the industry. Averaging more than a decade of professional experience per consultant, Benelec's Microsoft qualified experts offer a tested set of methodologies for resolving network problems, managing projects and providing consulting support. The technical depth of Benelec's support staff enables us to offer your business a consultant with task-relevant skills and an effective approach for finding quick and affordable infrastructure solutions.
Problem Escalation Through Teamwork
When appropriate, Benelec relies on a team technique to resolve the most difficult network issues. By leveraging hundreds of man-years of experience from Benelec's Microsoft and Security qualified experts, we can rapidly and cost-effectively solve even the most niggling issues. Consulting with lots of clients and performing thousands of sophisticated deployment and configuration projects annually offers Benelec a special view on which approaches work and which ones do not. Complex software compatibility issues are a potential trap for even the most talented consultants unless they bring an extensive and varied history in hands-on experience with a broad range of technologies.
Company-wide Standards of Best Practices
Benelec has used an aggregate experience of its senior staff to develop an internal company-wide collection of best practices intended to ensure fast, affordable resolutions of information technology issues and to measure and maximize client satisfaction. These practices include a strong emphasis on customer communication and services documentation. Benelec's Founder and CEO, Ravindrra Benday has a 20+ years of track record of successful consulting, corporate management, sales and marketing. Benelec's corporate-wide best practices are strongly driven by our experienced team who is busy in integration of complex information technology solutions while acting as a system consultant, task manager, deployment expert and diagnostic engineer.
Ongoing Training
As a certified partner with Microsoft, Benelec ensures that in-house consultants participate in ongoing technical and methodology education that contains valuable lessons and procedures for new product adoption that have been developed from the experience of thousands of technical professionals around the world. This results in increasingly effective provision of support to Benelec's customers.
Internal Database of Problems and Proven Solutions
Benelec's highly evolved SRS System (Service Reporting System) offers detailed documentation for all delivered support. Each authorized Benelec team member has complete availability of the details of support provided by any engineer to each client. This record of problems and resolutions, as well as false alarms and miscues, is organized as readily searchable in-house database that allows Benelec's support professionals to share their experiences company-wide so that the overall efficiency of Benelec's support expands over time. This database also eliminates your reliance on a single consultant by allowing any Benelec expert to take up where another left off while minimizing hours spent getting up to speed on your information system setup. Another benefit of Benelec's support documentation system is that your business can more smoothly take on network support duties in house.
Benelec Solutions Framework Project Methodology
For larger initiatives, Benelec engineers use the Benelec Solutions Framework model for delivering support. BSF breaks down major initiatives into discrete and manageable phases that reduce the chance of a project getting off track. Every step builds a solid base for the success of later phases. Design and deployment requirements are defined early in the project cycle so problems can be anticipated and dealt with before customer productivity is impacted. This also prevents costs from spinning out of control due to unexpected crises during large scale deployment. All phases are documented to create a detailed description of technical services provided and to assist in continuing network support.
Access to External Support Databases
As authorized support partners of Microsoft and various Security Technologies, Benelec has access to the world's largest information technology knowledge bases and resource pool. Among the most powerful support databases available to Benelec's consultants are the operational best practices incorporated into the assorted Management Packs published by Microsoft and third parties. Management Pack includes pre- designed scripted rules that can react to events, thresholds, and alerts. Management Packs can also provide expert suggestions on how to deal with certain issues by automatically extracting appropriate articles from the vast Microsoft Knowledge Base.
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