Quality Policy

What is meant by 'quality'? Marketing literature from our competitors places great emphasis on quality, but more often than not the question of what quality means is not addressed.

There are three aspects of quality that have a direct and positive impact on Benelec customers:

Solutions and Projects - Benelec ensures that your criteria for accepting a solution or project are captured and understood at the outset, and quality means Benelec meeting these criteria when the solution is delivered or the project closed-out.

Internal Procedures - Benelec has an extensive set of documented procedures, covering all aspects of service delivery and that have been refined and improved since our quality system was formally recognized as ISO 9001:2000 compliant.

External Accreditation - Our quality system and procedures are approved to ISO 9001 by SGS Quality Assurance and their ongoing surveillance visits provide independent verification that Benelec continues to meet the requirements of this exacting standard.

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To execute Up-Selling and incremental revenue opportunities
To grow profitability
To empower customers to maximise productivity, efficiency and cost savings through best IT solutions and services, top level certifications and patented business processes
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