Bandwidth Optimization

A solution that enables an enterprise to realize cost savings while utilizing its current bandwidth in the most efficient manner.
The Big pinch
The amount of pressure being placed on IT networks is increasing daily. Enterprises continue implementing bandwidth hungry, enterprise-wide applications that are at the same time, becoming more mission critical. Users are also demanding greater availability, faster application and network speeds and even more applications. Bandwidth is being squeezed by these massive applications and the concurrent burden of demanding users.

IT managers are caught in the middle. Better performance with the same or fewer resources and at lower cost is their difficult challenge. Traditional responses to this challenge such as network upgrades and traditional compression techniques, have often proved to be time-consuming, ineffective and costly. Additionally, the simple and shortsighted addition of more bandwidth does not necessarily offer increased application performance.

Today, the need for cost containment dictates that buying extra bandwidth isn't the answer. Utilizing existing bandwidth more effectively is. Current technologies like intelligent traffic shaping and load balancing mean that enterprises can now monitor and identify network traffic and use that information to flexibly allocate bandwidth according to the most important business imperatives. Advanced compression techniques, caching, QoS (including throughput, transit delay and priority) and traffic monitoring technologies can all satisfy the increasing business demand for enhanced network performance & capacity, while delivering reliable, cost-efficient, highly available networks.
Benelec Infotech delivers
For over ten years Benelec Infotech's core business has been the delivery of leading network solutions to business. Our solutions distribute business intelligence throughout the enterprise by optimally connecting employees, suppliers, business partners, users and systems, clients and information. Furthermore, our proven multidisciplinary experience allows us to offer a full range of network services for the deployment and management of advanced technologies in heterogeneous environments. Leveraging off our experience and skills, Benelec Infotech's Bandwidth Optimization solution consolidates best-of-breed caching, Quality of Service (QoS), compression, and network monitoring/reporting technologies, into a single solution that looks at bandwidth usage in its entirety and makes recommendations on how best to optimize the bandwidth.
How it all works
Data compression is achieved by installing compression devices at specific points throughout the network. This creates a reduction in the amount of data traversing the network, thus minimizing the required amount of bandwidth. Implementing the required QoS then enables you to manage delay, bandwidth, and packet loss parameters on your network, which is imperative in achieving a successful end-to-end business solution. Object caching enables reduced costs, increases productivity, and boosts revenues by extending strategic applications from the network data centre to the outer edges of your enterprise, allowing for enhanced user experience.
How do we engage?
Benelec Infotech is able to draw on its unique experience and skill base, as well as our proven methodologies, to implement your Bandwidth Optimization solution effortlessly, on time and within budget parameters. Your solution will entail.
Traffic Profiling Inspector
A certified Benelec Infotech engineer will come to your business premises, where they will utilize specialist tools to analyze and classify your network traffic. They will also analyze the protocol mix and usage patterns of network traffic, and help you to understand and detail the network design, while providing a blueprint for bandwidth optimization.

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