Bandwidth Optimization

Optimization Technologies
Following the Inspector recommendations and blueprint, we implement traffic shaping / QoS technologies to improve the behaviour of fluctuating applications, which are detrimental to other applications' performance. We increase your network capacity by means of compression and caching. This is ideally suited for applications with repetitive data like intranet, Citrix, e-mail and ERP applications. We also help you to understand the relationship between transactional data and content, using caching to preposition content, thus further reducing bandwidth.
Ongoing Assessment
Network traffic is constantly changing, new applications are being deployed on the network, and branch offices are being opened or closed. Once an optimal bandwidth design has been implemented, regular traffic profiling is done to ensure that the initial design is still delivering optimal results.
Business Benefits
The business benefits of Bandwidth Optimization with Benelec's Bandwidth Optimization solution, your company can:
  1. Decrease the required amount of bandwidth and thus decrease the monthly Telco costs.
  2. Increase performance on the network without buying more bandwidth.
  3. Potentially delay bandwidth upgrades altogether.
  4. Generate dynamic reporting to understand who and what is currently using your bandwidth.
  5. Give business critical applications the required amount of bandwidth.
  6. Dynamically allocate idle bandwidth based on application and user requirements.
  7. Utilize tools that effectively and efficiently manage all aspects of your current bandwidth use.
  8. Understand network trends and allow for future planning.
  9. Get maximum usage of an expensive resource.
  10. Realize a possible return on your investment within months.
  11. Effectively deploy a multimedia environment.

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