Security Assessment Services

Security Audit Services
Because information technology is the backbone of most companies, IT risks and controls must be managed properly. Benelec Security Audit Services are designed to meet the needs of wide range of organization. Through a combination of on-site audits of your Information systemsí configuration, your corporate policies and procedures, together with automated assessment of your systems to discover potential vulnerabilities, we provide you with a comprehensive risk assessment of your current security environment and specific recommendations to remediate any potential weaknesses that might be found. Benelec provides these services through CISA/CISM or ISO27001 certified security auditors who are able to assist companies in the areas of information systems audit process, IT administration, systems and infrastructure lifecycle, IT service delivery, safeguarding information assets and business continuity preparedness. Benelec's security engineers can provide expert services in these areas onsite or remotely. With affordable rates and world-class expertise, Benelec offers small and mid-size businesses the same level of network security and information protection once reserved for only the largest IT organizations.

The Benelec Difference
  1. Objective : Benelec is a 100% independent and objective security audit firm. We pride ourselves in spending our time & resources exclusively in conducting network security assessments.
  2. Real Analysis : The Benelec Security Assessment is predicated on the impression of real analysis. We go beyond sheer compliance to ensure security. Our security engineers perform manual analysis. We are more accurate than our competitors when testing on identical network.
  3. Expertise : Our security engineers are smart, follow proven methodology, well trained and ready to assist you.
  4. Risk Focused Useful Reports : Benelec provides thorough reports that focus on issues relevant to your organization. We provide concise, lean and relevant report written for all members of your team.
  5. Easy To Use Reports : Our reports are concise because each finding is manually crafted for the specific client and their environment. Less than 10% of our findings recommend buying something to fix the problem.
  6. Customized Assessment : We do not take cookie-cutter, check the box approach; instead we make sure that you are not only compliant, but beyond that to secure

Vulnerability Assessment (Internal Network Security Assessment)
This evaluates a breadth of network security issues based on the primary tenants of security like Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. We begin with understanding your computer network architecture, critical applications and business processes. An in-depth technical review of all necessary controls is then performed on-site using a variety of techniques including vulnerability scanning, active directory queries, password cracking etc. The end result is aggregated, prioritized list of actionable practical recommendations that can be used to further strengthen your Information Security Program. Our experienced team of security engineers also works to identify false positives. Benelecís audit scope begins with standard guidelines, adds tasks and issues found from our experience with security assessments over the past 4 years and further focuses our probing based on the reality of your unique environment and security profile.

Regular use of our Vulnerability Assessment services provide on-going analysis and control of network security, allowing administrators and executives to manage the security policy proactively.

Penetration Testing (External Network Security Assessment)
Penetration Testing or Pen Testis completed entirely off-site and focuses on external threats originating from the internet and other remote access. We use a hybrid approach, incorporating the breadth of a Vulnerability Assessment and the depth of Penetration Test (VAPT). Right from ERP package to Firewalls to Workstations, everything will be tested for in-depth security. What distinguishes Benelec work is the manual validation of all vulnerabilities to eliminate false positive results from the report and the manual to uncover vulnerabilities that software tools and scanners miss. A must for every company, Penetration Testing must be performed every six months for Network self-diagnostics and self-assessment.

Web Application Security Assessment
Databases have become one of the fundamental aspects of systems today. These systems are now made available online for millions of people to access daily, holding ever increasing sensitive information about your company and your clients. Hackers are highly attuned to how vulnerable databases can be; it only takes a very small mis-configuration for the entire contents of your database to be enumerated. Benelec auditors assess your database security from physical server access to the application layer, each layer of this model has to be reviewed and assessed to ensure safely of your databases.