Security Assessment Services

Social Engineering Audit
This one is most excitement for us we try to trick employees in disclosing confidential information. We assess multiple vectors of attack e-mail (targeted or spam), a fake website or even in-person visit. This service is invaluable in helping identify vulnerabilities and is an excellent way to educate employees and management on the best ways to prevent such attempts to breach your confidentiality. Social Engineering is valuable for assessing the level of security awareness of employees and where employees stray too far away from secure procedures in their attempts to provide customer service and be helpful.

All results will be reviewed, analyzed and compiled in a report. We will discuss the finding with the client and recommend proven measures aimed at raising awareness to increase the companys internal security level permanently.

Web Server Audit
Various high-profile hacking attacks have proven that web security remains the most critical issue to any business that conducts its operations online. If your servers are compromised, hackers will have complete access to your backend data even though your firewall is configured correctly and your operating systems, applications are patched repeatedly.

Keeping track of the various vulnerabilities, exploits and fixes is time-consuming and requires specialist expertise, Benelec ensures your Web server security by taking care of this for you. We offer regular auditing to our continual protection service.

Bandwidth Audit
Our audit service will help you to analyze and classify your network traffic. It will also analyze the protocol mix and usage patterns of network traffic and help you to understand and detail the network design, while providing a blueprint for bandwidth optimization. This will help you to understand the usage of WAN links, identify applications using most bandwidth & develop strategies for bandwidth usage.

Wireless Security Assessment
Our security assessment goal is to enumerate wireless access points and clients, determine configuration settings and then expose and document any wireless network deployment errors.

Employee Internet Risk Assessment
By using Internet risk assessment tools, the Benelec Security Engineer captures, classifies and analyzes network traffic over 6 days period, sifting for high-risk activities. The reports will help you to identify the key problems and enable you to take appropriate action to limit your business risk.

Data Leakage Assessment
Our Data Leakage Assessment Service exposes employee behavior, business processes or communications with third parties that leak confidential information and exposes your company to potential legal, regulatory or public relations ramifications. While estimates indicate that 80-90% of data leaks are accidental, analysts expect an increase in data leaks by employees with malicious intent during challenging economic periods. Whether accidental or deliberate, data leaks often expose confidential and sensitive information and can prove costly, embarrassing and damaging to a business or institution.

Using Data Leakage Assessment tools, the Benelec Security Auditor enables security policies appropriate for the type of business being audited. The tools filter all incoming and outgoing Internet traffic over a 2-week period, capturing traffic which violates the security policies in. The traffic is searched in real-time for data that should be kept private according to government or industry regulations, corporate policy or security best practices.

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