IT Infrastructure Optimization & Consolidation

The Life-line of your organisation
Your IT infrastructure is the life-line of your organization. It is the single most powerful tool organizations have. The renewal and deployment of a Windows infrastructure is costly, complex and can be hugely disruptive. It demands a wide range of skills and competencies that are rarely available, even within large enterprises with extensive resources. This usually results in a solution that is rushed, under developed and interferes with, rather than facilitates, the core business of a company.

IT departments almost exclusively focus on building and maintaining the existing infrastructure and have little time to spend on new improvements and aligning IT strategy with business needs. A reactive rather than pro-active approach makes IT costly, inefficient and lacking the agility to cope with change.

Benelec provides comprehensive advisory services to its clients who will help them to create a more flexible infrastructure that optimizes current technology investments while augmenting it with technology refreshes, upgrades, consolidation, virtualization, or data and system management.

With a specialization in Windows management, Benelec provides a complete end-to-end design and deployment service. Based on our successes in Microsoft and many other small-medium organizations, we provide rapid and reliable architectures that simply work, along with the Systems Management and Operations tools & processes to keep them working. Benelec consultants train your staff and help them to deploy the solution, rather than do everything ourselves and leave them without the skills to manage and maintain the solution in the future.

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