Data Protection

Data Protection Consulting The data protection system must be regarded as a Mission Critical element of any modern data center. The design of any data protection system must, as far as possible, eliminate single points of failure so that data can be recovered to an acceptable state and point in time in the event of data, server or site loss.

We have more than 5 years of experience in backup, recovery and archiving. We can provide advisory services in design and development of cost-effective strategies tailored to your specific service level and cost requirements.

Our consulting helps you to:
  1. Assess your backup and archiving infrastructure, policies and process
  2. Prepare a recovery service catalog to align your business needs with backup and archival solution
  3. Create a high-level architectures for your environment
  4. Develop a business case to illustrate current and projected costs, estimated savings and recommendations to achieve savings and leverage investments
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