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Enriched with 17+ years of experience in IT Security, Benelec's consulting vision is to be a partner with our customers, not only for IT Security but for the entire IT infrastructure operations as well. We take a business-centric approach, working closely with your executive and functional staff to align people, process, and technology with corporate objectives. By combining our comprehensive infrastructure and application expertise with best practices and proven solution framework 'Benelec Solutions Framework' we are able to deliver consistent and extremely successful solutions that help improve your business operations and create a foundation for continuous improvement.

Benelec's Security Consultancy services help you link your business plans and metrics to your Security architecture and operations in ways that create lasting value through our Business Strategy and Network Security Planning, and IT Service Management Delivery Services.

Benelec's Security Consultancy Services help mitigate risk and reduce vulnerabilities by combining sound Policies, Standards, and Security Architecture with selected technology solutions. Our experience & expertise help you integrate new technologies, maximize network efficiency and fully align your infrastructure Security needs with your business objectives.

Benelec's Security Consultancy services assist in all phases of managing network security operations and service centers, from planning and design to implementation. Based on the customer's growth and feasibility, Re-architecting the existing solution and align with the emerging technologies to remain at pace with the latest technologies and trends.

We help you to identify and mitigate gaps in your security architecture and plan the ideal security.

Security is the result of chemistry between complex technologies and ingrained processes. However, many organizations suffer from intermittent evolution of point solutions resulting in a fragmented framework of technologies and processes that ultimately weaken security.

An organization's network security posture is ultimately realized by the implementation of security technology. However, reliance upon a single technology to solve all network security vulnerabilities is often the first flaw in a network security program. Firewalls, virtual private networks (VPNs), public key infrastructure (PKI), intrusion detection systems (IDS), authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA), encryption, virus scanners, and policy management are all solutions that require expertise to implement correctly.

With Benelec's Security Consultancy services, our security experts will assist you in implementing a correct security technology & processes. You can concentrate on your core business while as a partner; we will take overall ownership of your security. It will eliminate the flaws in current security; enhance the security to meet future business needs and protecting the companies' secure assets & companies' prestige. Remember that investing more in a security technology solution will not secure your organization but Benelec's Security Consultancy services will definitely secure your organization.

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