ISMS Consultancy, Implementation & Assessment

We live in the ‘Information Age’ and Information Assets are very critical to any business and are paramount to the survival of any organization in today’s globalised digital economy. At the same time with an enormous corporate competition, challenges, changing technology and as businesses grow and expand across borders, transactions and business communications drastically leading to an exponential increase in the value of and dependency on information and processing facilities. Recent high profile information security incidents and breaches and the various laws and regulations framed to protect information, forcefully stress the ever-increasing need for organizations to establish and maintain information security measures.

Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) is a structured and systematic approach to manage sensitive and critical organization information so that it remains secure, correct and available all the time. The Information Security Control Framework improves the organization’s profitability by reducing both the number and the extent of information security breaches and by reducing both direct and indirect costs. For example : the lost productivity through time lost in investigation & resolving breaches and hoaxes; irrecoverable loss of data; expenses incurred in recovering and securing compromised data and systems; notification of customers and regulators; fines for breaching the laws and regulations; damaged reputation leading to customer defections and brand devaluation.

ISO 27001 is an International Standard for ‘Information Security’ that specify requirements for establishing an organization-wide Information Security Management System for the protection of organization’s valuable financial and technical information assets. This standard establishes the worldwide best security practices as the Information Security policies and procedures that eventually reduce the probability of internal and external attacks on Information Assets and also limit the damage caused by an inadvertent or malicious incident. ISO27001 certification is widely accepted, recognized and valued in the national and international markets.

Our dedicated team of certified ISMS experts can help in implementing a good ISMS framework in the organization. The host of services that we provide in ISMS arena includes ISMS Consultancy & Implementation, ISMS Auditing & Security Awareness Training.

Why choose Benelec Infotech as your ISMS Consulting Partner?
  1. Consultants at Benelec Infotech are ISO 27001 Lead Auditors, CISA or CISM Certified. With diversified knowledge base, we can provide highly optimal solutions to your problems.
  2. Our consultants have extensive invaluable hands-on experience of working under various roles and capacities in the IT industry. They offer practical and pragmatic solutions.
  3. Excellent capability both in Management Systems & IT Security.
  4. Benelec has 15 years rich experience in providing End to End Network Security solutions to the industry.

Achieving ISO27001 with Benelec Infotech
Benelec Infotech offers expert consulting services for effective implementation of ISO27001.
  1. Project Scoping : Properly scoping a ISO27001 project is an essential first step in any compliance initiative. Our consultants help you identify the business processes critical to your organization and which would be best targeted for initial compliance to the world-wide recognized Standard.
  2. Gaps Identification : Gap analysis is the next step where our consultants develop a comprehensive report identifying the work required to become compliant as well as an action plan that includes prioritized actions for security improvement.
  3. Risk Assessment : Risk assessment is a mandatory component of ISO27001 and we’ll help you analyze the levels of information security risk inherent in your business processes. Assessments can be performed.
  4. Process Improvement : Our consultants provide whatever level of support you need to implement the required security improvements (also through the use of software) and are able to suggest practical solutions in each of the different areas of the Standard.
  5. Preparing for Certification : Our consultants will explain both the benefits and the relatively minor, additional costs involved in certification. Benelec Infotech can prepare you for certification and help you implement any final changes necessary to your ISMS. Finally, we can assist during the audit process itself by dealing with a certification body on your behalf and addressing any audit observations that arise.

Benefits of Implementing ISMS
Organizations can expect extensive benefits by implementing ISMS. Some of these benefits include:
  1. Scalable implementation both horizontally (scope enlargement) and vertically (multiple branches or sites)
  2. Reduced costs of compliance efforts
  3. Increased security and reliability of information systems
  4. Cost effective and consistent information security practices
  5. Appropriate Policy /s
  6. Improved management of risk
  7. Better contingency planning
  8. Improved management control
  9. Enhanced competitive advantage
  10. Better employee working environment
  11. Provide a structure of continuous improvement