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Make the most of your IT Infrastructure
IT infrastructure is a strategic asset and the critical foundation upon which software can deliver services and user applications that a business needs in order to operate effectively and succeed. For many organizations growth and rapid developments in new technologies have resulted in data center and desktop infrastructures that are overly complex, inflexible, and difficult to manage with built-in costs that are not only high, but somewhat fixed regardless of changing business requirements.

As companies grow, their IT infrastructures must grow with them, typically becoming more complex, more costly to maintain and subject to continually increasing demands. There is often little alignment of the IT infrastructure with strategic business needs, making it difficult for companies to realize the full value of their technology investments.

Most organizations recognize the importance of an optimized and cost efficient IT infrastructure and have tried to rationalize their infrastructure and increase their operational efficiency through initiatives such as data center consolidation, desktop standardization, implementing IT operational best practices, etc. Such initiatives undertaken by IT departments in isolation are not sufficient on their own to deliver the desired and long lasting improvements demanded by the business. In order to achieve a sustained improvement in their IT infrastructure, organizations must take a longer term strategic view of IT infrastructure maturity and link these capability and maturity improvements to their business needs and overall business strategy.
Benelec applies the concept of infrastructure optimization to strategically and systematically move its capabilities from reactive to more mature proactive models. In addition to core infrastructure, Microsoft focuses on optimizing its business productivity platform. Infrastructure optimization encompasses the consolidation, centralization, streamlining and automation by policy of today’s diverse IT environments. Its goal is to enable you to manage core systems like a service, so you can proactively identify problems, improve reliability and control costs.
Infrastructure Optimization

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