License Management

Maintaining your Microsoft and security license is a necessary but time-consuming task. Your staff must take time away from revenue generating activities to focus on the maintenance of these agreements. Is there any better way to keep this?

We have dedicated team ready to alleviate your staff from the burden of paper work, record keeping and other vital activities necessary to maintain your license agreements. Whether setting up all user center accounts, maintaining accurate records of those accounts, helping change the IP address associated with a license or adding new hardware/software, Benelec can handle of all the details for you efficiently and thoroughly.
Support and Maintenance Contract Renewal :
Benelec will keep track of your support and maintenance contracts and notify you when they need to be renewed or updated. This keeps your agreements current and eliminates any upgrade “legacy” license fees on contracts that have been expired.
Coterminous Contract Program :
Each piece of hardware and software requires its own support and maintenance agreement, with multiple start and end dates throughout the year. Benelec will consolidate these agreements into a package of contacts, all with the same start and end date. Once a year, a simple update is executed, saving you time and resources.
Budgeting :
Benelec routinely assists customers in planning for their fiscal year budgets with items such as license renewal fees, dates of renewal, support contract renewals and opportunities to lower costs through co-terminating licenses, support and maintenance agreements.

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