Business Continuity Planning

Even if your organisation is fortunate enough to never experience a serious incident (and in most cases it really is still down to luck rather than management), the Business Continuity Management process helps to define key business processes and the impacts which would result from threats materializing. This enables the organisation to be prepared for the worst and to take steps to improve the resilience to failure of the infrastructure supporting these processes.

Our consulting services can benefit the customers in the following areas:
  1. Information assets are secured
  2. Reduced insurance premiums
  3. Reputation is maintained or improved through demonstrating a professional approach to managing adverse situations
  4. Job security is increased through the creation of a sustainable organisation
  5. Organisational objectives are met through the ability to manage the incidents and avert interruptions to key processes
  6. The organisation survives if a serious incident does occur
  7. Essential services are uninterrupted hence the customer service experience is maintained
Thus we can help you by giving presentations to or facilitating crisis management exercises for your senior management team to help them understand the need for Business Continuity Management.

Benelec takes the pride in being able to deliver an independent, flexible and cost effective consultancy service which uses tried and tested methods aligned with best practice to ensure that the needs of our clients are met fully.

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