Patch Management & Remediation

Today's business environment is dynamic, with endpoint configurations changing constantly as security threats proliferate and as configurations are altered by end users or IT. If left unmanaged, all of these threats and configuration changes can make your systems vulnerable. More than 8,000 software vulnerabilities are being reported each year and configuration exploits are on the rise.

As the window of time between vulnerabilities discovered and exploits launched continues to shrink, the biggest challenge for many organizations is remediating these before an exploit occurs. In fact, 12.5 vulnerabilities are considered serious enough for IT staff to address each day. Endpoint configurations also drift out of compliance on a regular basis. Over 90 percent of cyber attacks exploit known security flaws for which a remediation is available. Endpoints must be continuously monitored because even if the software or configuration vulnerability is remediated today, the same one may need to be re-addressed tomorrow.

Automating this time-consuming process can significantly decrease the costs and time involved in securing an organization from threats and meeting internal policy and regulatory compliance requirements.

We offer the Patch and Remediation Solution enables organizations to stay ahead of today's increasing threats by delivering rapid and automated patch and remediation of software vulnerabilities and configuration issues. It further enables you to automate the collection, analysis and delivery of software patches and rapidly create and deploy remediation packages that address a wide range of configuration related issues (i.e. closing down vulnerable ports, shutting down dangerous services, etc.) throughout the heterogeneous enterprise. Thus you can shut the door on vulnerabilities.
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