Identity & Access Management

Managing user identities is a top priority for many businesses today. People need to access multiple systems and resources on the corporate network, using different types of devices. But because many of these systems don't communicate with each other, it's not uncommon to have multiple identities for the same person. As a result, managing these redundant identities becomes complex, wastes time, and increases security risks due to errors.

Before implementing an identity & access management strategy at your company, it is wise to do a complete SWOT analysis of network where you are going to implement identity & access management. Benelec can help you by providing SWOT analysis, complete with an identity management comparison.

We provide the solutions which are a set of platform technologies and products that are designed to help organizations manage user identities and associated access privileges by providing identity synchronization, certificate and password management and user provisioning in a single solution that works across Microsoft Windows and other organizational systems. With a focus on security and ease of use, these solutions help businesses boost productivity, reduce IT costs, and eliminate the complexity of identity and access management.

The major strengths of an identity & access management strategy is to reduce the time administration spends on user management and the amount of calls the help desk coordinator receive and it would help increase security by only allowing passwords that pass administrative guidelines be selected by users, and it would allow single sign on for all user applications. The major weakness is that is a user leaves a work station without logging out; an unauthorized user could gain access to innumerable applications that could cause a major breach of security.

We offer easy-to-implement, cost-effective identity & access management strategies and solutions perfect for any company in any industry. To find out which of solution is best suited for you, please contact us today by emailing to

Major Benefits:
  1. Boost Efficiency
  2. Improve Operational Efficiency
  3. Incorporate Strong Authentication Tools Seamlessly
  4. Reduce integration and customization costs
  5. Improve Security and Compliance
  6. Reduce Help Desk Costs
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