Web Application Security

We deliver web application firewalls which protect web applications from attack and resolve organizational security challenges such as identity theft, information leakage, regulatory compliance (industry security standards) and insecurely-coded applications. We offer the best attack detection and the broadest range of deployment options in the market. These firewalls protect organizations of all sizes and in all industries.

Why Web Application Firewalls are necessary in network?

Web Applications Are Increasingly Being Targeted by Hackers With nearly 70% of all new threats attempting to take advantage of flaws in web-based applications and web browsers, organizations need effective application security to ensure their sensitive information remains secure against attacks. However, internal pressure to deploy web applications quickly often outweighs thorough security testing, leaving vulnerabilities that are open to threats.

Targeted Application Attacks Are Missed by Network Security Solutions Network attacks are generic and designed to cause harm by affecting service levels or availability, but application attacks are targeted toward obtaining information from a specific application. Since each web application is unique, security must be tailored to the application to protect against these targeted attacks, something network security solutions cannot provide.

Secure Coding Initiatives Are a Recommended Best Practice, But Are Usually Unsuccessful Many organizations implement secure coding practices to protect their web applications, although few such projects are successful. Few developers have been trained in secure coding and security rarely receives the proper prioritization against deadlines.

Vulnerability Scanning Is Necessary, But Doesn't Solve the Problem Application vulnerability scanning is a recommended for identifying and fixing defects in the development and quality assurance cycle; however, it only captures a snapshot of the web applications at a single point in time and frequently results in an overwhelming list of issues to be fixed. The expense of vulnerability scanning increases the overall project cost while finding the development resources with the time and expertise to fix issues can be difficult.
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