High Availability

Running business critical applications is the ultimate outcome of the IT infrastructure. If the business critical application or service is down then the efforts & investment in IT goes on a toss & results in a productivity & business losses. As you might have invested in the infrastructure, its time to think forward and make the critical infrastructure a High Available Infrastructure and let the critical business application (business) running in 24x7x365.

High availability refers to a strategy that allows systems to be accessible nearly 100% of the time. This strategy can potentially eliminate downtime caused by hardware or software failure, link failure etc. It is particularly effective for mission-critical applications and systems that, if down for any length of time, could negatively impact productivity or even the organization's image and reputation.

There is not a single component which can make a High Available system rather it is combination of heterogeneous components which needs to be considered while designing the High Availability solution. The critical factors includes Internet Bandwidth, Applications like( ERP applications, Mail Servers, Database Severs, Business Intelligence Application ), Operating Systems , Internal Networking to list a few. Designing the High Availability solution depends upon the nature of application, complexity of network & many more access.

There are various High Availability solutions available for Internet Links, Web Servers, Database Servers, Firewalls, VPN Gateways, Operating Systems, Mail Servers, and Applications. A fully-integrated high-availability strategy is integral to business continuity and operations, and can help your organization achieve the following benefits:
  1. Mitigate Risk: High availability mitigates all risk factors and keeps business running.
  2. Boost Productivity - High availability provides users with 24 x 7 access to mission-critical applications.
  3. Protection From Financial Loss - Revenue-producing systems such as web checkouts, order processing systems and call centers are always online.
How Benelec can help you?
With 17+ years of experience, Benelec have developed a comprehensive approach to high availability solutions that has proven successful record for organizations from various segments. We can help in following stages of solution:
  1. High Availability Solution Consulting
  2. High Availability Solution Planning & Designing
  3. High Availability Solution Implementation
  4. High Availability Solution Support
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