E-mail Archival Solutions

Retaining and ensuring access to E-mail based corporate records present major challenges to many business and IT executives who must meet a growing list of regulatory requirements, best practices and internal governance mandates. At the same time, E-mail volume continues to explode, increasing the operational challenges of establishing effective controls.

As E-mail management places an increasing burden on both end users and IT administrators, companies must find solutions that address internal service levels and productivity objectives as reliably as they comply with the growing list of external regulations and internal requirements. Resources and expertise are a constant concern for IT management. Finding the best-qualified provider who can access and design the right E-mail archive solution is of equal concern.

We provide the most proven E-mail Archiving solution which enhances a company's ability to comply with regulatory and internal standards while accelerating productivity and the performance of its existing E-mail system. It unites with the industry's most comprehensive lineup of tiered storage platforms; enabling customers to apply centrally defined content management and E-mail archiving policies that:
  1. Assess E-mail environment and archiving requirements.
  2. Comply with E-mail retention requirements and regulations to preserve corporate records.
  3. Increase end user productivity by reducing the amount of time spent managing E-mail.
  4. Drive operational efficiencies in E-mail retention, including PST files.
  5. Accelerate Exchange and Lotus-Notes Software upgrades and migrations by archiving E-mail in advance.
  6. Deploy complete E-mail records management with assured authenticity and easy accessibility to archived records.
  7. Enable properly designed E-mail archiving environments.
  8. Improved archiving performance with MSCS clusters.
These solutions integrate with all major messaging environments, including Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes/Domino as well as Bloomberg and SMTP messages.

Benelec has the expertise in designing and implementing E-mail archiving solutions to meet the needs of many organisations.
Key Benefits:
Improved operational efficiency
  1. Manage tier-one storage requirements proactively by offloading content from production servers to an online archive.
Proactively-managed mailbox sizes
  1. Achieve nearly infinite mailboxes by reducing the burden of aging messages and older attachments in the production environment.
Improved end user productivity
  1. Grant users both instant online and offline access to their mailbox messages regardless of the age of the E-mails.
Retrieval of relevant archived E-mails
  1. Support eDiscovery requests quickly and efficiently with advanced search capabilities.
Risk management
  1. Eliminate the need for users to create risky .PST/.NSF files and help enforce consistent E-mail policies.
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