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Benelec has an inclusive experience in enterprise messaging provides with advanced knowledge of most messaging platforms. Our core competency is in Microsoft Exchange. We provide solutions that transcend any business need or challenge, from the most fundamental to the most complicated Exchange environment.

Some examples of the tremendous value we have added to our customer’s environments are:
  1. Co-existence
  2. Migrations
  3. Intersystem mail flow
  4. Security
  5. High-availability and redundancy
  6. Data retention and archiving
  7. SPAM control
  8. Security Performance optimizations
Whether you are running an existing Exchange platform, using another email platform, deploying a new environment or integrating assets from a merger or acquisition, Benelec can customize a solution to provide you with a robust messaging system.
Benelec has developed a system for designing an end-to-end messaging infrastructure that encompasses industry-leading standards related to the hardware, network infrastructure, storage, SPAM and content filtering, and performance optimization of core messaging services. Deploying a robust, customized messaging infrastructure is the first phase following an assessment and logical design.
Benelec believes the end user’s overall messaging experience must be characterized by transparency, ease of use and high availability. We make every effort to provide seamless, rich messaging which will lead to an increased ROI by reducing downtime, and supporting costs and administrative overhead.
High Availability
Availability of services is one of the most critical aspects of a messaging environment. Email communications and supporting technologies are critical, so when email “goes down,” it has a negative impact on business. Benelec can design and deploy highly available and redundant messaging technologies, leveraging Microsoft Clustering and features in Exchange 2007 on the backend servers. In addition to the built-in features of the core platform, Benelec is able to deploy 3rd party data replication technologies.

A highly available solution also encompasses load balancing ingress and egress mail flow. Benelec can utilize the native features of the platform and use a combination of Microsoft and/or Third Party services and load balancing appliances.
SPAM and Content Filtering
SPAM and inappropriate content can place a heavy burden on a company’s messaging and human assets. Lost productivity, administrative overhead and additional utilization of infrastructure assets such as storage and network bandwidth, are all challenges taken into account when Benelec provides a messaging plan. Whether it is a self-contained SPAM and content filter, a service-based program, or both, Benelec can custom fit a solution that will minimize or eliminate SPAM and inappropriate content from entering your email infrastructure.
Messaging Security
It is imperative for businesses to prevent unauthorized access of confidential information. Protecting this information can be a requirement to conduct business with many organizations, as compliance and security become increasingly important. Sarbanes-Oxley, among other acts, requires companies to encrypt data traversing intranets and the Internet. Benelec has experience in deploying, configuring and supporting a high level of email security through IPSec, PKI, PGP and 3rd party certificate services.
If configured and utilized properly, server-based and email aware antivirus technologies can be the difference between a stable and an unstable environment, should a virus penetrate and propagate without a monitor. Benelec can help customers protect their assets by directing proper deployment, configuration and layered approach management of antivirus services.

We provide a comprehensive antivirus scanning solution that protects our customers from the potential damages of a virus without negative impact on the performance, client and server level, or on the Exchange database and SMTP level.
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