Exchange Health Check

Exchange Server Health Check Service
The Benelec Exchange Health Check provides insight into your organization’s production Exchange 2007/2003/2000/5.5 environment. This four-to-six days engagement uses a variety of data collection tools to render current statistics on the most important and critical aspects of your messaging environment : Operations, Performance, Infrastructure, Security and Routing. The goal of this health check is to proactively analyze the data collected, diagnose potential problems and prevent issues from surfacing in the future. We employ passive tools that only collect information about Exchange. They are read-only and do not make changes to any servers.

Health check data gathering is performed onsite. Data analysis may be completed post-visit, with documentation, reports and prescriptive guidance provided to your staff based on the findings. Follow up days to further this assessment are available upon request.

The Benelec Exchange Health Check will provide customers with an accumulation of critical data to improve the Exchange infrastructure, including:
  1. Review of existing configuration to identify issues prior to affecting production
  2. Compare your environment and deployment to Microsoft Best Practices
  3. Identify any performance issues and eliminate bottlenecks
Understand issues prior to a large scale migration or upgrade Benelec will collect settings and values from data repositories such as Active Directory, registry, metabase and performance monitor. Once collected, we review comprehensive best practice rules against the topology and generate reports.

This analysis is performed via two mechanisms in parallel: tools based and consultative discoveries. The information is then reviewed for trends that pose a risk to the environment, after which an issue priority is assigned and the reports are organized for simple review.
Tools-based Discovery
This method is a fast, accurate, non-invasive assessment of the current infrastructure including domain directory, domain security, Exchange infrastructure and associated hardware. Tools will run silently from the designated desktop system without modifying any data or configuration settings.
Consultative Discovery
This involves face-to-face interviews with IT managers, as well as subject matter experts in the areas of LAN/WAN, Network Services, IT Operations, Exchange, Active Directory and Messaging and Backup/Recovery. While we gather information on your environment, interviewees have the opportunity to ask Benelec experts questions regarding all areas of messaging and collaboration technology.
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