RSA SecurID Administration

The RSA SecurID Administration course is based on the critical job functions that an individual would typically be expected to perform with competence when working with the RSA SecurID product. This course is intended for any one who is willing to learn & master RSA Authentication Manager The course will be helpful in building the skills as mentioned below:
  1. General knowledge about RSA SecurID technology and product capability
  2. Designing solutions from understanding an organization's needs and environments
  3. Installing solutions to meet requirements and which demonstrate RSA SecurID product functionality
  4. Supporting solutions through troubleshooting specific implementation and system integration issues
Candidate Background and Experience
The candidate should have professional experience in one or more of the following technical areas and understand how these technologies relate to and integrate with the RSA SecurID product.
  1. Remote Network Access
  2. Web Servers
  3. LDAP Directory Servers
  4. Internet and Networking Protocols
  5. Network and Network Security Applications
  6. Operating Systems (UNIX, Windows) security - Desktop and Workstation security - TACACS and RADIUS protocols
Topics Covered
The course will be consisting of following topics
  1. RSA SecurID Product Architecture
  2. Installation & Up gradation
  3. Administration
  4. Different usage scenarios
  5. Troubleshooting
  1. 50 HRS

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