Why Outsource

Why Outsource IT Services
Information Technology (IT) is a critical part of the business process that can require technical competence beyond the scope of the current management. Benelec offers a full suite of outsourcing services designed to help companies resolve their most difficult technology challenges. With a reputation for technical excellence, a team of highly-skilled, senior level consultants and result-oriented, proven approach, Benelec has established itself as a leading provider of consulting, implementation and training services for businesses in India. Please find below the reasons to outsource your IT.
  1. Lowers IT costs because you are only paying for work as it is performed
  2. Provides continuous IT support coverage without having to rely on only one or two key people
  3. Retention of technically qualified in-house personnel is more difficult with rapidly changing external job opportunities
  4. Allows your key people to concentrate on core competencies by leaving IT management to IT professionals
  5. Faster issue resolution and more “up” time with the availability of remote monitoring
  6. 8 x 5 and 24 x 7 on-site & remote support
  7. Consultants ability to leverage industry best practice
  8. Higher quality service; IT consultants are fully trained on the latest technologies
  9. Lack of internal expertise
  10. Acquire innovative ideas
  11. Improve risk management
  12. Gain business opportunities through the consultant’s network
  13. Leverage consultant’s vendor relationships for competitive hardware/software pricing
  14. Selection of appropriate technologies/solutions for the network
Following are the areas we can help the customer on outsourcing front:
Information Security and IT Infrastructure Management
  1. Gateway Level Security
  2. Content Security
  3. Endpoint Security
  4. Two factor Authentication
  5. Patch Management
  6. Messaging
  7. Backup & Recovery
  8. SharePoint Portal
  9. Proxy (ISA Server)
  10. Fourfront Security
  11. System Center Server
  12. RMS Server
  13. Project Server
  14. Bandwidth Management
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