IT Security Services

Security Policy Documentation (SPD)
Benelec has extensive experience of developing IT Security Policy Documentation (SPD) for medium & small enterprises. Our consultants have created security documents for various clients covering the cross section of various industries. In each case, our consultants focus on the needs of business, creating documents that are tailored to the organisation. Security Policy Documentation (SPD) is the foundation for effective, consistent security throughout the organisation whether the organisation is big or small. A clear & concise policy statement communicates to all members of staff their duties and responsibilities. SPD also provides the basis for managing risk and applying security measures where they will be most effective, providing the basis for cost effective, secure solutions to business needs. Every organisation should have a security policy that identifies the critical assets of the organisation and how they will be protected. But the processes and the procedures to implement the policy, needs to be tailored to the business.

Our consultants have a unique blend of expertise – hands-on experience as well as profound understanding of information security in developing useful technical documentation. Apart from regular security offerings, our clients are inquiring us to develop SPD. We are offering these services to everyone. The scope of these services will cover following areas:
  1. LAN setup details
  2. Perimeter security policies
  3. Active directory policies
  4. Access policy for critical & sensitive information
  5. Best practices guidelines
  6. Usage policy
  7. Password policy
  8. Remote access policy
  9. Server Security policy
  10. Router Security policy
  11. Removable media policy
  12. Server malware protection policy
  13. Virtual private network policy

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