DLP Program Service

Important factors you should focus on
In order to focus DLP program, any organization has to focus on following factors:
  1. Where is my sensitive data stored?
  2. Who has the access to sensitive data?
  3. How the sensitive data has been classified correctly?
  4. How does my business handle sensitive data?
  5. Where is the sensitive data being sent?
  6. Do my employees understand their role in proper handling of sensitive data?
  7. Are we exposed to potential data loss or leakage?
  8. How do we measure our current risk in the organization?
  9. How do we prioritize our efforts to address the most significant risk first?
How Benelec Infotech can help you?
Benelec Infotech can assist your organization to identify the right DLP solution to meet your business requirements; solutions that are network, storage or endpoint based all have different characteristics and is important to make the selection. Through strategic partnerships with leading technology vendors, we can provide a customized DLP solution for any organization.

Our DLP Solution Selection, Design and Integration services methodology helps organizations better define and understand how DLP fits into their data security programs and the technology solutions that can map to their specific needs. Our consultants work with your team to create a strategic DLP integration roadmap and to manage the tactical configuration and implementation of specific DLP solutions. Our breadth of knowledge about multiple solutions enables us to take an objective, holistic and best-of-breed approach that others can't duplicate. Combining the knowledge gained from various IT Security projects and over 3 years of ISO 27001 Quality Management System Consulting, Benelec Infotech has developed a Data Leakage Prevention System Program that enables the customers to get the most out of their DLP system investment. This program applies the best practices of operating a quality management system to the overall design and management of a successful DLP program.
Data at Risk
In 2010, nearly 7 out of every 10 organizations experienced some form of data loss/leakage. The average cost of a Data Breach is now estimated to be $6.75 Million per incident. In 2009 and 2010, there were 1,160 Data Breaches resulting in the exposure of 238 Million Records