DLP Program Service

Service Details
The DLP Program Services engagement from Benelec Infotech comprises of three phases of a successful DLP implementation: Planning Services, Enablement Services and Operational Services. However, the process can be customized to accommodate organizations who are looking for help with a specific aspect of their DLP implementation (such as system integration or policy creation) or who have already begun an installation.
DLP Planning Services
  1. Identifying primary tactical and strategic DLP goals, business requirements and roadmap creation.
  2. Reviewing the level of readiness for DLP deployment and program development.
  3. Identifying data management and establishing DLP rules, policies and procedures.
  4. Selection of DLP solution.
  5. Develop detailed implementation plan based on organizational and regulatory requirements, integration with existing infrastructure and industry best practices.
DLP Enablement Services
  1. Architectural design, installation, and configuration.
  2. DLP integration/enablement with existing infrastructure (e.g. Web proxy, MTA, encryption gateway etc.) including design, architecture, deployment, configuration and tuning.
  3. Sensitive data discovery program design, management and remediation (e.g., HIPAA, proprietary data etc.)
  4. Develop incident response and remediation workflow procedures.
  5. Create and refine policies to protect sensitive data in accordance with organizational and regulatory requirements and industry best practices.
  6. Recommend strategies to notify and educate employees about DLP implementation, new security policies and business processes and improved data protection safeguards.
  7. Generating a DLP implementation report.
DLP Operational Services
  1. Upgrade and migration services
  2. System and security health checks
  3. Technical assistance and troubleshooting
  4. Ongoing project management to ensure DLP program maturity objectives are met.
With Benelec's Data Leakage Prevention services, you obtain the following benefits:
  1. Consideration for and buy-in from necessary parties ("DLP stakeholders") throughout the requirements gathering, road mapping, technical design stage, business flow stage, remediation stage.
  2. Solution independent approach in order to help you find the right solution for your environment based on requirements.
  3. Map solution to your specific data and infrastructure needs.
  4. Expertise across all top-rated DLP technologies.
  5. Access to Benelecís expertise in auditing and assessing at-risk data.
  6. Requirements analysis, automated discovery, interpretation and analysis, well-documented findings and prioritized and practical recommendations based on your companyís business and unique risk profile.
  7. Independent consultative advice on data discovery with tools that is appropriate for your organization.
  8. Advice on risk management for data in all phases: at rest, in motion and in use.
  9. Collaboration with business management in identifying and managing data risks.
  10. Discovery and cataloging of sensitive data throughout the network. (including data in unexpected locations)
  11. Assessment of vulnerabilities on systems storing sensitive data (identification of high risk systems) Identification of vulnerable systems.
  12. Detailed reporting on systems and files containing sensitive data.
  13. Services to help your organization to understand and protect against organizational or technical weaknesses in the storage, transmission or use of information assets.
  14. Advice on systematic solutions, services and technologies that help manage data going forward including data leakage detection and enforcement devices and architectures, enterprise content management (ECM), Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), Information Rights Management (IRM), and Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions.