New employees can be immediately productive, because the IT department can rapidly and proactively respond to end-user issues, and because of the end-to-end integration, automation, and management of data, desktop computers, and servers.

Over 80% of most company data resides in unstructured forms such as email and Office documents typically on local hard drives. Benelec is experienced at helping organizations share this information more effectively through the use of collaboration and communication platforms. Microsoft SharePoint solutions from Benelec will immediately add value to your organisation and enable:
  1. Use of document workspaces for collaborative authoring across divisions and physical locations
  2. Help with meeting regulatory requirements through comprehensive control over content
  3. Enterprise search for content and people mining your company resources more effectively
  4. Effectively manage and re purpose content to gain increased business value
  5. Simplify organisation-wide access to structured and unstructured information across disparate systems
  6. Connection of people with information and expertise
  7. Acceleration of business processes and control of your electronic forms environment
  8. Provision of secure document management services e.g. version control and check-in/checkout facilities
  9. Single, integrated platform to manage intranet, extranet, and Internet applications across the enterprise
Effectively managed Windows desktop and server platforms are fundamental to realizing the goal of a low-cost, optimized Microsoft infrastructure. Central to this is a well designed and maintained Active Directory from which all central provisioning, security policy and management is dictated.
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