Microsoft Development Tools

Microsoft Visual Studio® 2008
Microsoft Visual Studio® 2008 is the development environment for designing, developing, and testing next-generation Windows®-based solutions, Web based applications, and services. By improving the development experience for Windows, the Web, mobile devices, and the Microsoft Office System, Visual Studio 2008 helps individuals and organizations to rapidly create and deliver complete, connected, comprehensive, and compelling software solutions. Visual Studio Team System expands the product line with new software tools that produce greater communication and collaboration throughout the development life cycle.
Value Proposition
With Visual Studio 2008, developers can create outstanding user experiences and break through productivity challenges. Development teams (project managers, architects, testers, database developers, and administrators) can collaborate effectively across the software development life cycle with Visual Studio Team System.
What about msdn subscriptions?
MSDN® Subscriptions equip your development team with a wide variety of essential resources and technical support options to complement Visual Studio. With MSDN Subscriptions, development teams can have access to virtually all of Microsoft's operating systems, server products, and productivity applications to design, develop, test, and demonstrate your software applications. Various levels of MSDN Subscriptions are available:

MSDN Operating System is available as a stand-alone subscription providing access to the latest Microsoft operating system.

MSDN Professional Subscriptions can be purchased with Visual Studio Professional Edition. MSDN Professional Subscription includes the latest MSDN library, Windows operating systems, Microsoft SQL Server® Developer Edition, technical resources, two online or telephone technical support incidents, access to more than 200 managed newsgroups.

MSDN Premium Subscriptions can be purchased with either Visual Studio Professional Edition or with Visual Studio Team System products. MSDN Premium Subscription includes the latest Microsoft operating environment and server technologies, productivity applications (including general business use of the 2007 Microsoft Office system), technical resources, four online or telephone technical support incidents, access to more than 200 managed newsgroups.
Apart from above we can provide you following tools viz:
  1. Expression Design 2
  2. Expression Media 2
  3. Expression Web 2
  4. Visual SourceSafe 2005
  5. Visual Studio Foundation Server 2008