In order to keep up with business needs, IT departments are required to implement more and more servers, resulting in data centers that are out of room, power and cooling capacities. We have found that the majority of servers in production are running at 10% utilization or less, resulting in poor ROI and wasted data center space, power and cooling. By designing and implementing virtualization solutions Benelec can help the customers to regain data center space and reduce power and cooling costs. Virtualization has also allowed ease of management and rapid server provisioning. Virtualization can allow customers of any size to implement disaster recovery solutions without the typical costs and complexities.

Virtualization solutions are unique in that they touch so many areas of the data center, including the servers, operating systems,applications, storage and networking infrastructure. Benelec’s consulting team has the breadth of knowledge and experience to handle all aspects of your virtualization strategy, including the discovery, design, implementation and training.
Virtualization Benefits:-
Improve Utilization
  1. Consolidation increases hardware utilization
  2. Scales on MP/multi-core systems
Lower Operational Costs
  1. Management tools reduce costs
  2. Workloads can be hardware agnostic
Increase Availability
  1. Planned and unplanned high availability
  2. Building block for business continuity
Increase Responsiveness
  1. Rapid and self provisioning of services
  2. Decreased hardware costs
  3. Decreased electric and AC costs
  4. Decreased cost of server administration
  5. Increased availability of critical servers
  6. Increased server utilization
  7. Increased server management capability
  8. Built-in business continuity
  9. Ease of server migration, backup, and recovery
  10. Ease of test environment isolation
  11. Elimination of reliance on legacy hardware or legacy operating systems